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Who kept the togs out? 

On Monday, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed her reputation as the UK’s best politician by uniting the British media with a singular pro-Sturgeon vision. She gazumped Downing Street’s Brexit* bill, due to pass in the House of Lords, by announcing indyref2…

the future of photography

“Photography has left the building” claims Stephen Mayes in a wide-ranging essay on the future of photography for Time Lightbox. But does new technology really represent a paradigm shift in the very nature of photography…

the perfect picture

Many millions set out into the world of photography but few endure the test of time.

putting the free back into freelance

Freelancers must learn quickly to define time off or else they will burnout. Everything is work or nothing is work. We will be trapped by work rather than liberated for work. As a freelance I am always trying to create the kind of work that will maintain…

the first question to ask every photographer

The wrong questionOn discovering the noble profession to which I am called, people always ask "What kind of photographer are you?" After some um-ing and ah-ing and wondering how to define myself I might reply- "I’m a poor/ I am an amazing…