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the pleasure and pain of photo editing

My aim is to pass on the pleasure of photography by removing the pain of editing. Photo sequencing can be a pain in the eye-balls. If you shoot stories, you know that feeling- cutting 10 or 20 thousand pictures down to 10% then 5% then 1%…

eskimo artefacts for national geographic

Melting permafrost and coastal storms are destroying a trove of Eskimo artefacts from the 14th-17th centuries in Nunalleq, four hundred miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. Dr Rick Knecht of the University of Aberdeen and his team have over 20,000 items to…

things people said on the guardian about gingers

The Guardian ran my Gingers last month attracting hundreds of comments on everything from prejudice to photoshop. Most were positive but here were some of my favourites that made me stop and scratch my head.

tearsheet: geo france

Twenty page spread in Geo France gives voice to Tibetan nomads…