• Christopher McGowan, East Kilbride, Scotland.

    "I would say red or ginger. I have 2 sisters 7 and 4. My cousin and gran used to have it but then went white it just kind of disappeared and not very many people I know have it. Its both good and bad. Its unique.

    I was nervous about Kick A Ginger day at school - I didnt have anyone booting me just a tap but I felt a bit annoyed. All the adults say they want to have ginger hair - “I would love to have it- its really unique” but the kids dont comment on it. Some say ginger some say red. Gran on dad’s side is red. I am all scottish but with a bit of irish on both sides thought I was born in Glasgow.

    eople make a lot of jokes about it and call me names like irn-bru, duracell, copper top, ginger, carrot. Ginger ninja!"

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