• Colin Cummings, 36 from inverness, Scotland.

    I work at Tiso, sales assistant selling outdoor stuff. My whole life was camping holidays as a kid and I love being outside. Funnily enough my girlfriend got me a t-shirt with 'this is what an awesome beard looks like’ with two big thumbs. At the time I didn't have an awesome beard so I thought I need to grow an awesome beard.

    When you are out in town, and I play in a band, people say, 'Can I touch your beard?'. I am ginger and proud and thats its, I am not into these whimsical descriptions of it, I am just a ginger.

    Its a funny kind of icebreaker at wok- it draws attention and I am easily spotted. My whole family are gingers, from Glasgow originally but funnily enough I was born in Essex so when we moved back up I was the ginger English kid, which is quite harsh for a kid.

    I think of it as a Scottish trait.

    The insults you get growing up were like ‘ginger’ and I thought, 'Is that the best you can come up with?'. Yeah I’m ginger! what's your point? In primary school I got praised from my teacher because we were at an event and some kids from a nearby school a couple of rows back said ‘Hey ginger!’ and the teacher a few days later said well done for standing up to the bullies.

    I certainly know some fiery red heads. I wouldn't say its a trait, I think ginger people have got a normal temper.

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