• Dez Johnston, Lenzie.

    I describe my hair as highland auburn but it only appears in my beard.

    Strangely, no one in my family has ginger hair. I grew up in the highlands in Speyside so maybe it came from the whisky? It's in the water!

    A few mates have it and our dog- Pixie the destroyer. She is a rehome and was going to be put down. I wanted a dog to go with my beard! I only noticed it recently when I actually grew the beard.

    During summer I work at festivals and it comes up bright in the sun. Like a see-you-jimmy hat. People comment “you have a cracking beard mate!” Just total randoms in the street! A Canadian family at a wedding came and took their photo with this genuine Scotsman.

    I’ve never really had a problem in life with people insulting me, I can get quite fiery.

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